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Re: Hydrogen inside Air Intake increases Gas Mileage?

enough of this nonsense already...

look, if any of this cr@p actually worked, it would be on every production car made.
there used to be at least a shred of convincability to the conspiracy theories of the govt not backing fuel economy research, and keeping fuel economy low, but in todays age of $3.00+ a gallon gas, this all goes out the window.

just look at all the major manufacturers.
ford, honda, chevy, toyota... they all have hybrids and are researching ways to get better mileage from one gallon of gas/diesel.

how about this idea...
we put a big mirror on the back of the car and reflect the headlights of other cars backwards to gain a little bit of thrust.

or we could all fart into tubes all day long and store the energy and burn it.


all these outlandish ideas are cr@p...

the real secret in fuel economy is loosing weight and driving less.
after all, cars burn zero gas when parked.
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