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Re: 2006 Altima no heat when idling

Well it's now March 9th. It's been more than a month since i've heard from Nissan, and well the problem still continues. They were told on several occasions and simply said they would look into it. Sadly the cold seems to be done. By the time the cold weather comes back around my warranty will be nearly over, since i'm already at 35,000km and it just turned a year old. The problem is still there considering a few days ago it was around -25 Celcius below, or -13 F. I drove the car to a friends house around 15 minutes away, and believe me, it was nice and toasty in the car. I then got to their house, kept it running while I ran inside for maybe 5 minutes, got back in and guess what? cold air ! Even tried to bring the fan down to a lower speed, still did nothing. I agree with a few people that Nissan must know about this problem if they suggest doing such odd things . I supose they aren't ready to fix the problem.
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