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Re: 2006 Altima no heat when idling

Originally Posted by richt03
Thanks Roland1963 - yes you are right about the warranty. I checked it and I got the 100,000 extended warranty. When I called though, they said the first thing they would do was a coolant flush which would cost me 60.00.

I went and bought a radiator cap today. Now I just need to figure out how to raise the front end!

Ok, what am I missing here? They agree there is a problem, your car is under warranty and they're going to charge you $60 to "flush" it? A flush is part of maintenance and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If a flush, according to them is the fix to the problem they admitted your car has, then the fix should be covered under the warranty, wouldn't you agree? Feel free to call Nissan headquarters and vent this lie with them.

As far as doing it yourself and how to raise the front end, they do have those ramps at your local auto parts store (about $18 a pair) - make sure to use the emergency brake and all necessary precautions when you do this....

And don't forget to pick up that gallon of ALREADY MIXED antifreeze from Prestone - that's right, the one the dealer claims you shouldn't put in your Nissan yet Prestone themselves will back up their claim that you can....

I've been using it myself without a problem...

Isn't it funny how, when they bring up the sales pitch for the extended warranty they don't mention you have to have a law degree to fight with them? Let us know how this works out for you....
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