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Re: WHat is Grand Prix|10

A1 is a newer series that was founded by Sheikh Maktoum of Dubai. Its kind of like the World Cup of Racing. Instead of company against company like most motorsports, A1 is country against country. A1 provides everyone with the same cars (allowing for some aerodynamic and suspension adjustments) to keep the playing field level. This means that driver and team skill are paramount, as opposed to many other motorsports where the company that throws the most money at it wins. I believe that the cars are second only to F1 cars in their speed and cornering abilities. The inagural season consisted of 11 races including Laguna Seca, Estoril, Dubai Autodrome, Brands Hatch, and Shanghai. France took 1st, Switzerland 2nd, Britain 3rd, and New Zealand 4th. It makes a good alternative to F1 in the off season and could become a major international series.

Well known names in A1 are Will Davidson, Will Power, Ryan Briscoe, Mathias Lauda (son of Niki Lauda), Nelson Piquet Jr, Jos Verstappen, and Scott Speed.

Its an interesting series that all racing fans should watch.
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