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Fairlady 1600, 2000

Sure isn't a whole lot of interest for the beautiful roadster. I've seen a couple set up for racing, but those didn't really seem to capture the essence of it's primary intentions. Roll bars, racing stripes and SR20s may seem fancy, but these Datsuns were meant for a more personal driving experience.

I did see one absolutely restored to a gorgeous flaming red with sparkling trim fly by on the freeway, with a fitting white-haired aging driver, pipe in mouth, leather gloves in hand. It's unreal how much envy one man can possibly produce. Never before have I hated and loved at the same time. I'm currently in the market for a second car, and I may just ask this one neighbor to buy his rusting 1600. Who knows, perhaps one day soon I will be that man, wind in hair, at the helm of one of the rarest japanese roadsters that ever made it to the States.
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