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Re: Re: Re: How much is your gas?

Originally Posted by Speedsteve
1. The 206 is O.K. Not more and not less! The quality is not so good and the spare parts are relatively expensive!

2. German Cars are very expensive!

3. The last 6 Years German Buyer buy more and more Import Cars. This Cars are cheaper and in many cases trustier then German Cars!

4. German Cars are not any longer as reliable as in former times. Recalls, recalls, recalls! At present Daimler has a big recall ( over 1.3Millions Cars with Brake Problems and so on ). In our breakdowns statistics we have, from Place 1 to Place 9, Japanese cars! And this over Years!
american cars suck. They've improved a lot lately, but the interior quality of most of them still sucks. The corvette, for example, a $55,000 car, has a low quality interior. It's really unacceptable.

About the horsepower... the cars in my driveway right now have 250, 170, and 180 hp.

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