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Well...we first need to look at how we get our power VIA battery or engine to the ground and what devices we use to create this motion.

in normals cars that use a mechanical drive train we normally assume 12-15% loss manual/automatic or 15-25% AWD.

So what are the losses involved with using electric motors to movie the wheels and how the motors go about putting their motoin to the wheels.
Do we start at the back of the engine where the motor powers the transmission to the drive train or is their a motor at each wheel? how much energy is lost transmiting the power though cables...and how efficient are the motors at turning this energy into motion?

my questoin is if you have a 1200 HP engine would it be better to use the standard drive train or use a DC generator at the back of this engine to transmit power over cables to the motors to power the wheels..or can you get 1200 HP to the ground with DC motors are their even 1200 HP motors??? <---sorry off track.
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