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The Z looks better, and there are more parts available for it, and a larger cult following for the Z32(NA) than the Contour SVT. Ford also kill that car for a reason, sales sucked on that car, it was like the Focus SVT, WHOLE lot of potential, but no one at the factory took advantage of it. I left Ford because they have lost base with what worked, they are now just flailing around reaching for what ever will save their sinking ship. Its sad really becuase I love Ford, my Escort was the best little car I ever owned, not to mention the only front wheel drive car I have ever owned.

Oh and the SVT Contour is FWD/FF, The Z is RWD/FR. it depends on your tastes, if you like FFs, then get the Contour, if you like the power to the rear, then go Zed!
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