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Re: Re: Anyone with full size mopar vans out there??????

Originally Posted by van1mopar
hey the rear end is either 8 3/4" or 9" the gear is a 4.63:1 its got hooker headers but im not sure of the size and its got 2.5" exhaust with hooker mufflers i dont kno the carb size i cant find the cam grind ur talking about the carb is holley and i was also wondering if anyone knew where to get a seat belt for the front passanger and maybe a back bench seat
It would be an 8 3/4" rear. I know a guy who had a couple of rear bench seats from a 97 Ford E350 in his shop. They were gray cloth. I could find out if he's still got the, and how much he's asking for one of them, if you're interested.

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