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Re: Anyone with full size mopar vans out there??????

Hey Big dog, welcome aboard.
There use to be a couple of manufacturers who made headers and dual exhaust systems for vans. As I recall, Doug Thorely (Dougs Headers) used to make them, and so did Hooker. If memory serves, truck header s will work, but there was a clearence issue on the left (drivers) side. You had to remove the heat shield for the headers to fit.
Regarding the dual exhaust, most any good muffler shop can fab up an exhaust system for your van. You don't even have to install headers if yo udont't what to.

It's just how things work!

I own 4 Fords, 3 Chevies, 3 Saturns, 2 GMC's, and 2 Dodges... So tell me about your brand loyalty.
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