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Re: Y do people hate hondas so much....

define really fast.

i have no trouble defeating other NA four bangers and many NA 6's. even beat a v8 once (dodge truck, on the highway, no big deal)

all this with only (quick estimate) $350 dollars worth of intake, headers, and exhaust work.

plenty fast for me.

but if you mean to make it run 12's or 11's....jesus man, we're looking at another 5-6 grand for the h22a swap, then another 3 grand for the turbo kit, a grand or so in suspension upgrades.....etc etc etc

point being about 3500 down the road ive got a quick car, that still gets 35 miles to the gallon (in the city no less) and IMHO looks pretty nice (please note, it is still BONE STOCK in appearance, if you dont notice the flowmaster muffler, which most people dont.)

sure, it wont outrun a GS-T, but im only 19 and still in college. ive got awhile to go. lord knows i wont be driving this car all my life.
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