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Re: My 2000 Gt Smoked An Integra

First off Playa i can say what i want. Free country and freedom of speach. Secondly, I only reply back in a smart way to those who have insulted me. You own a mustang should know that there's no way a stock Honda or Acura Integra LS is gonna be able to run with a new stang.

Originally Posted by banditkiller
That was a half way good kill. I also welcome you to af. However I would advise you to not flame acuras or hondas for any reason or any other import. Why with in your first 3 posts are you flaming someone already? Not a good way to make friends. Although does that really matter? Guess not. Also, you will find quite a few imports on this board that will hand you an ass whooping any day of the week. That goes for domestics as there are some quite fast cars owned by people on this bored. At least you didnt flame mazda's.... theres someone out of 1.3 liters lightly tuned running deep into the 12's. Have fun here and leave the attitude out of your posts. It isnt necessary .
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