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Re: Re: Re: Re: My 2000 Gt Smoked An Integra

Carrrnuttt, first off why are you bragging on someone else's car. Brag on your own. Oh i forgot your driving a 1992 Sentra. To clear the air with everyone else on here. I never said in no way, shape or form that the Imports couldn't beat a mustang. There's plenty of mod's out there can make those car's haul ass. But i did say this and you can quote me on this "No Honda Civic or Acura Integra LS in stock form or with those little modifications that i mentioned above is not gonna compete with a new Mustang GT" Get mad if you want i won't front. Because i got a mustang with a lot of Bump. Also carrrnuttt for your info. I also own a 1987 Mustang GT with a Twin Turbo System, GT 40 Upper and Lower Intake with flowmaster exhaust, Tremec 5 speed tranny and 3.73 gears with NOS. So jump on me in that playa. 11 seconds no problem. Your dealing with an expert in street racing carrrnutt not some silly kid. To the rest of you. Thanks for the replies. I've enjoyed everyone. Keep your head up and your wheel's a burning. No matter what your driving. But above all else. KEEP IT SAFE.


Originally Posted by carrrnuttt
Two pieces of advice you might want to keep in mind:

1) Paragraphs are your friend.

2) We don't tolerate people who come up either bashing other people's rides, or with an attitude like yours.

We're car enthusiasts here. In this day and age when practically anything can be made to haul/handle, I don't think such a narrow attitude has a place in this world anymore. Certainly not on this board.

We have an owner of an 11-second 'Stang in here, and he has a LOT more room to cop an attitude than you with your 15-second car...but he doesn't.

He's just a WEE BIT more classy than you, I think.
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