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Re: Re: Re: My 2000 Gt Smoked An Integra

Originally Posted by Sexy beast
I must be a "rice burner" owner? you are trully sad

Sexy Beast if you really own an ENZO and it's all that your making it out to be. Why are you on here chatting. Shouldn't you be out there racing Vipers or something like that? Honestly I think you are some young kid or maybe an old fart on here dreaming about an ENZO. So you come on here trying to make fun of other people. If you in fact really do own one. I know that my Mustang would never be able to beat you stock. But I can tell you this? The amount of money you spent on that car. I'd bet if you put not even a fraction as much money in a new 03 SVT Cobra it would kick your ass side ways. ON and OFF the track. P.S. It might even do it stock with a good driver. Because you might drive light shit.
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