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Re: Rhd Eb110 Ss

Originally Posted by FOX1
The RHD SuperSport, which is in reality a GT converted to SS, has been made by Lotus Engineering. At that time, Bugatti was owning Lotus. It was an exercise for understanding how difficult it was to have the RHD for the UK, Japan, Singapore markets.
Dauer never made any RHD. He repaired it after B.Engineering sold it to UK, but the car was not running well. The owner sent it then to Nurnberg to find out which kind of flop he bought.
For your knowledge.....the real...true SS have the upper part of the side windows in LEXAN. The glass one are all GT. The turbos shall be ball bearing with air restrictors. Other wise they are GT. The chassis N of a SS is ZA9CBB.........a GT is ZA9CAB......... and the right place to check it is under the passenger seat.
I have been working in Campogalliano from the second day to the last.
Interesting, thanks!
Do you know what owners this car (chassis 55?) had?
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