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Re: Bugatti Veyron Faster Than Ever

Originally Posted by StreetDrifterR34
The bugatti VERRON is way betta than a Mclaren foreal!!!

its faster(251mph) and has hella acceleration speed no doubt!!!

and its 4wd which is amazing!!!! fo sho ohh yea i like the wing dat comes with it too its its AUTOMATIC!! LOL
yea yea its gangsta rite? dont u wish it came wid spinnaz, dat b mad hot, but u gotta have dat big exhaust for sho.....Lets try english next time

As for the Veyron, yes it is a remarkable acheivement, but against the McLaren its nothing. It may be faster, better built, etc, but it doesn't even come close to the McLaren interms of styling, and passion. By the way, the only reason why it has 4wd is so that the driver can handle the power safely. 4wd is absolutley pointless in a supercar.

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