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Post Help empty my garage! Ton's of parts..

Okay everyone, it seems like the more I try to get rid of spare parts the amount in my garage grows! I need to get rid of as much of these parts as possible, NO OFFER will be refused. I can ship any of these items through FedEx without a problem. Email me direct if you have a question or would like to buy something.

These items are personal and are being sold through me NOT Red Rhino Products. I will need payment via a check or money order.

Jason Michaels

Stock Front Shock Towers 2
Spring Perches 3
Rubber Spring Isolators 3
Stock Rear Upper Shock Mounts 2
Rear Link Frame Bush 2
Front Spring Upper Bolt Ring 1
Discovery I Steering Shaft 1
Engine Mounts 1

Disco II Throttle Linkage 6

RRC Fuel Pump Ass. 1
Used Fuel Pump 2

Disco II Front Arm Rest Covers 1
RRC Genuine Seat Covers 1
[Ok cond, Tan, Fronts]
Disco I Leather Shift Boot 1
Disco I Rear View Mirror 1

3.9 Dizzy [Need rebuilt] 2
Bosch Coil 2
MSD Blaster Coil 1
Ign. Amp. Reloc Bracket 1
3.0 MAS 1
Misc. Plug Leads
Pass. Side Exhaust Manifold 1

Wabco ABS ECU 1
AMR2128 Sunroof ECU 1
PRC6859 One Touch ECU 2
AMR3248 Alarm ECU 1
PRC9949 Window Lift ECU 1
AMR2745 RRC Dimmer 1
PRC17em Code Reader 1
AMR 1173 1
RRC Gas Popper Button 1
Disco Fuse Box [NON GEM] 1
Disco Dash Buttons
"Black, Green, Yellow Relays"
ABS Pump 1
Disco I Stock Brake Lines 1

Disco I Airbags 2

Disco I 14CUX Harness 1
[For parts only]

Disco I Factory Front Fogs 2
RRC Blinker Bulb Harness 2
Disco I DS Rear Lower Light Lens 1
Rectangle Hella Lamps 3
Round Tractor Lamps 2

Hella Battery Cut Off Switch 7

Sunroof Motor 2
Rear Window Wiper Motor 1
Disco I Door Lock Actuator 4

Disco I DS Mirror 1

RRC Window Glass ALL
[Various pieces]

Disco I Window Glass ALL
[Various pieces]

WARN Roller Fairlead 1

Freelander Fans 1

Disco I Mud Flap Brackets 3
P38A RR Air Bags 3
Disco I Front Seat Trim [TAN] 2
Tan Disco I Cargo Back Side 1

LT230 Parts
24 Spline Drive Flanges 3

Disco II Front Bump. Crush Cans 2
Stock Recovery Points 6

Disco I Rear Door Seals 2
Tranny Cooler Lines 2
A/C Line 1

Starters [NEED REBUILT] 2

Discovery I Front Bumper [Stock] 1
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