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Exclamation Car Comps guidelines - READ NOW!!!

I'd appreciate it if everyone would take a look at AF's user guidelines. This especially applies if you're a newbie. Read these rules before you start posting, or risk being banned.

AF User Guidelines

Basically, if you follow these simple rules within this part of the forum you shouldn't go wrong:

1. Keep your posts clean and legible! (no swearing, flaming, oR AnY oF ThIs BuLlSh*T)
2. No advertising / spam
3. Don't revive old threads (that includes posting and voting in a poll)
4. Limit polls to 10 days
5. Use the search function to avoid making duplicate comparos. I don't want to see people rehashing the same arguments - if someone's already compared two cars don't start the same thread. Incredible as it may sound, you are not the first to compare a tuned japanese car to a Ferrari. And finally,
6. Always post in the appropriate forum! If it's not a car comparison, it doesn't belong here.

Happy posting

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