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Originally Posted by Soundteck
I have been trying to get my 1996 z3 inspected for over a month. I had the battery replace and the FIRST place I took the car told me that the O2 Senors were "NOT READY" and the EVAP "NOT READY" and the Catylic Converter "Not Ready"... they charged me the inspection and failed the car.. they told me to put some miles and "drive Cycles" on it.. I had two weeks to bring it back.. 110 miles later and about 8 drive cycles I take it back.. same result.. took it to BMW.. (thought maybe there was an issue with the place I had taken it.. ) BMW told me they would have to DIAG it at 95.50 and hour to see what they could find wrong. They were stumped.. they CLEARED both COMPUTERS DME and the regular DIAG comp (not sure of its name) they thought they ther was a fault in their that might have "clogged up the DME" so they failed it... told me to drive it more drive cycles (since they cleared the fualts) so 200 more miles and a few more drive cycles and still no answsers. When I took it back that 2nd time there were no faults of anykind in the system... Has anyone heard of the DME causing these NOT READY status. They checked the O2 Sensors.. they are fine.. they say it MIGHT be the DME and that it would be over a 1000 bux but that since those are made for your car.. that if it doesnt fix it.. you still bought it.. this is my weekend drive around with the top down car.. dont REALLY want to pump money into it if I dont have to... I guess BMW has become TOO reliant on the COMPUTER that when its the COMPUTER that is broken they are at a loss...
go back to the dealer and ask them to update the dme to the latest software, then drive the car for a couple of days. it has been my experience that this will solve the problem.
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