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Well, I'm glad you guys had a good experience with SLR.
I ordered an IV intake April 3rd, he never told me it was back ordered, wouldn't respond to e-mail, finally called him 2 weeks later and he told me I could expect to see it in a couple of days,fine, didn't show, called again, offered a tracking number so I figured ok, no problem, probably tied up in the system somewhere. Called again last Tues. get another guy on the phone, he tells me it just left with 6 others! Fine. Now , I'm in the same State, not all that far so UPS should get it to me next day or at worst 2 days, Nothing on Friday so call again, well it seems they still don't have the parts and nothing has been shipped. What?! In the mean time, I've got my credit card statement and I've been charged for it since it was ordered on the 3rd! Now, I don't know about you, but normally in a backorder situation, you don't get charged untill the item is shipped. So I canceled the order then and there. Hopfully he won't screw up the credit he's supposed to give me on my card. All of this wouldn't be a problem for the lack of communication on his part. I don't mind waiting but at least tell me whats happening and don't lie to me when I call telling me "it's been shipped, do you want a tracking number?" Maybe I'm being too critical but I can't run MY business that way!
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