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Re: painters tape

Get Tamiya model masking tape instead, or for a slightly cheaper alternative, a local draft supply shop will have drafting low-tack tape, which is very similar to the Tamiya tape, comes in differing widths the same way also, rather than using painters (blue or green) masking tape, as it still uses the same "type" of adhesive as regular masking tape, just less-tack, and can also leave residue on painted surfaces potentially
The real key, is to get a tight & well adhered leading edge, as any nearly invisible lift of the edge will cause bleed on you, I use a small rounded wood popsicle stick to gentle run along the leading edge, back & forth until the tape is firmly pressed flat and in place
I like to use the Tamiya tape to form my masked edges with, and then I use regular masking tape to top of that (but not placed near the edge) to hold the masking paper on with
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