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Re: power / performance programmers

I have not used a programmer on the vehicle you mention, but I did get a Hypertech for my '06 Xterra and it made a marked improvement. I was definitely impressed.

I did find out that for some Nissan vehicles, depending on VIN number, you can buy a programmer and it will not work. This happened to me. I called Hypertech tech support and they wrote a program for my vehicle, sent it to me and I downloaded it into the programmer. Very seamless.

I have used Hypertech on three different brands of vehicles, but I have gotten the best improvement in my Xterra.

The program comes with three program choices depending on grade of gas you can afford to put in the truck. However, unlike the program that was available for the S-10 I used to own, it will not allow you to change shift points, firmness of shifts, etc. -- anything to do with the tranny. It does allow you to get rid of the limiter and a few other things, but it is not as flexible as other programs I have had for other vehicles.

That is all I can offer. Good luck.

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