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Re: 94 Metro 5 Speed Manual Transmission Rebuild - PART 2 - Assembly

The Manual, Page 7A - 35, line 10 says, "Install synchronizer Ring and Ring Spring" before putting the
5th Gear Speed Synchronizer Sleeve and Hub Assembly (5GSS&HA) on.

No such "Spring" was in this Transmission when I took it apart.
No Spring of any sort is left over in any of my Zip Lock Bags....
I have no idea what this "Spring" is....I hope it was a mistake on the author's part. lol

I suspect that the author of this Manual was assembling the 5GSS&HA on the shaft, instead of before,
as was described on page 7A - 35, line 5. (?) A screw up ?

I think he was talking about one of the semicircular springs that holds the Keys into the Hub and Sleeve Assembly.
I already installed that when I reassembled the 5GSS&HA. Onward....

The 5th Gear Shift Fork was mated to the 5GSS&HA and lowered onto the Input Shaft
and the Shift Shaft and Shift Guide Shaft - no problem if....
you do not push the 5GSS&HA down at all !

If you push it down, the Keys will come shooting out of the Hub & Sleeve!

There are two grooves in the top of the Hub end - I aligned one of them with the
punch mark on the Input shaft, then wiggled the gears and the Hub sort of fell into place.

I placed the "Hub Plate" on the Input Shaft with the little hole next to the Punch mark and over
the Hub Rounded Groove (I suppose for oil movement).

The the Circlip was installed - no problem.

NOW the 5GSS&HA can be moved up and down since the Hub Plate keeps the Keys from coming out.

The "Spring Pin " - Manual, page 7A - 36, line 12 - was driven in with the slit facing away from the Transmission (up).

The Ball was placed in the hole and the cap (with Blue Threadlock) was installed hand tight with an Allen Wrench.

Before I put the Black Cover on over this stuff, I am going to assemble the Gear Shift & Select Shaft Assembly
into the case and make sure everything is copacetic.


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