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Re: 94 Metro 5 Speed Manual Transmission Rebuild - PART 2 - Assembly

The 5th Gear Speed Synchronizer Sleeve and Hub Assembly (5GSS&HA) is complicated.

The Manual, pgae 7A - 35 describes the assembly with a diagram which I followed closely.

Here is the 5GSS&HA shown "Exploded" so as to see the non-symmetrical nature of the Keys,
Hub and Sleeve.

Note! The Keys are shorter on one side ! The Sleeve is different on each side as is the Hub...

The whole shooting match was assembled as per the Manual and here it is in all its glory.

I wonder if some folks who rebuilt their Transmissions and who say it never worked the same again
didn't miss this subtlety in the 5GSS&HA... ?

The 5th Gear goes on and it, also, is not symmetrical - the "machined" side goes toward the transmission.

The Countershaft 5th Gear is on and the Input Shaft 5th Gear Needle Bearings are shown ready for the Input Shaft 5th Gear.

Oiled the Needle Bearings and installed the Input Shaft 5th Gear a shown and now ready to tighten
the Countershaft end nut.

I fiddled around with the Gear Changers inside the Case until the two shafts were locked up and applied the end nut
(a replacement since I had to cut the old one off).

Then I tightened the Countershaft nut to 50 ft lbs with my trusty 1/2 inch Torque Wrench.

Looking at that Countershaft Nut, I can tell everyone right now, I do not want to bash it with
a chisel to "Stake" it !

I don't want to damage the Bearings on that shaft...

That must be done with some sort of "Special Tool"............Rubbish !

Time again to "Adapt, Improvise, Overcome...!"

I am thinking - Weld it or drill a hole and put a screw in the slot side....Drill a hole!

So I did, then tapped it, then I screwed it....and deformed the threads inside the Nut slot so it can't come out.

The Manual (line 9, page 7A - 35) says, "....then caulk nut at C with caulking tool and hammer."

God knows what a "Caulking Tool" is, but, nevertheless, I spread the Grey Sealer down into the slot
to surround the screw and then into the top of the Countershaft Nut and wiped the edges clean.

Whew !


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