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Re: 94 Metro 5 Speed Manual Transmission Rebuild - PART 2 - Assembly

Next Comes installing the three Ball Bearings and Springs which keep the Shift Shafts
in place. Page 7A - 33, bottom.

I cleaned the immediate area around the holes the Ball Bearings and Springs go into.
Someone recommended "Goo Gone" as a very good solvent. I bought some.
It does work well at removing the old sealer...and most anything else !

Here are the Ball Bearings, Springs and Bolts that go into the Right Case near the mating edge.

Used the case sealer and thinly "painted" the Washer (case side) and the Bolt head to seal the whole system.
Don't get sealer into the hole or on the springs - Manual's Caution.

The longest spring goes in the middle. I torqued the Bolts by hand ... 10 ft lbs is so little!

I used a 1.25 inch ABS Plastic Water Pipe Fitting (42 mm OD) to tap the L Bearing Race Cup
down onto the Bearing.

The "Left Case Plate" goes on next - Don't forget to put the SHIM down over the
L Bearing Race Cup first!

Big Warning - if you are a clumsy fingers like most careful not to drop those screws or
they most assuredly will fall thru those holes and fall into the assembled case.

I almost had that happen twice ! Hell on wheels!

The Shim was placed and then the Left Case Plate was put in with that 'tongue' pushed into the Gear Shift Shaft Slot.

The Phillips Head screws were cleaned and Blue Threadlock applied (my decision) and were tightened
down with the Phillips Head Bit in a 5\16ths socket wrench like I used before to loosen them.


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