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Re: 94 Metro 5 Speed Manual Transmission Rebuild - PART 2 - Assembly

I printed out those parts of the Manual related to assembly so I would be sure not to screw up.

The Right Case was fairly clean inside but the Left Case was still quite dirty so I sprayed the inside
with a degreaser that we had and sat the Case in the Shower and hosed it off with hot water (it is 6 degrees outside!)
and repeated this several times.

I dried the Case on our Floor Forced Air Furnace Register.

All the previous sealer was removed both from the edges and from the bolt holes.

I scraped off any sealer left on the Flat with a single edged razor blade then used a screwdriver and a
wood stick covered with a paper towel folded several times to rub the rest off until both rims were clean.

Some of the 13 Case Bolts had crud in the threads, so I cleaned them off with a wire brush wheel
mounted in a bench grinder.

I then made sure each bolt and hole would oil or grease !
The Case is clean and dry.

The Permatex "Ultra Grey RTV Silicone" No. 599BR was applied sparingly to the right case rim making sure
the sealer was spread on all of the rim.

I did not apply huge gobs of it since the Case sides mate quite tightly and almost all of the sealer
will be squeezed out - on the inside also !

The Left Case was put on top of the Right Case and slowly lowered making sure everything went
where it was supposed to go...

At some point the Left Case stops going onto the Right Case and one must gently tap the Left case with a
rubber or plastic mallet - Make sure to tap all around on all edges so it goes down evenly and up near the two shafts also.

After the Case was mated, I put in all 11 Bolts (2 go on the inside of the Bell making 13 total),
hand tightened them, then used a Torque Wrench set to 12 ft lbs and tightened every other
one then all in order (No photo taken).

Then installed the two bolts going into the Case from the Bell side of the Transmission.

The bolt which holds the Reverse Idler Gear Shaft in place had Blue Threadlock put on and
was screwed in to 12 ft lbs also. I put sealer on the washer.

NOW you see why you had to align the threaded hole in the end of the Reverse Gear Idler Shaft
toward the mark on the case !

Everything looks OK. The Input Shaft turns, so no apparent screw ups.

I'll let the Sealer cure overnight before doing any more.
BTW - Put the cap on the Sealer and clean out the applicator tip - you hardly use any to do this job...


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