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Re: 94 Metro 5 Speed Manual Transmission Rebuild - PART 2 - Assembly

The Manual, page 7A - 32, in the middle, says,
"Join input shaft, counter shaft, low speed gear shift shaft and high speed gear shift
shaft assemblies all together, then install them into Right Case.

Input shaft R bearing on shaft can be installed into right case by tapping shaft with plastic hammer.
Check to make sure counter shaft is engaged with final gear while installing.

Yah, betcha!....OKie Dokie....I'll just get right on that....!

Here are the two "Gear Shift Shafts" still together as I took them out.

Thank God I didn't take them apart !

The Two Drive Shafts joined in the right position...

And the whole Schlemiel together as I envision it.

I decided that holding four HEAVY (14 lbs !) boogety boogeties together at once while trying to rotate them
and place them in four holes while making sure two gears mesh is beyond my pay grade....

So I had the idea of tying this whole ball of wax together so they would not get dropped and dinged - at least.

Well worked quite well.

You place them as best you can, jiggle this, juggle that, push here and wiggle there and it goes in....Whew.

Jiggle the Input Shaft while pushing it and the Big Ball Bearing goes into the case nicely.

BTW - see that lever on the left sticking up in the picture below...make sure it is down before
you do this...take my word for that.

Next, the 5th and Reverse Gear Shift (5RGS) Shafts were installed.

I tied the Clutch lever down in order to take the pictures below - it was right in the way!

The Low Speed Gear Shift Fork needs to be pushed and held up in order for the 5RGS to be installed in it's
appropriate holes and the Reverse Gear Shift Arm has to be placed in the Reverse Gear Shift Lever.....what a mouthful!

Here is all the stuff assembled prior to placing the Reverse Idler Gear in it's spot.

The above two 5th & Rev Gear Shift Shafts are a rather complex system that
took me a while to figure out.

There are Ball Bearings and a Spring between the two shafts in that housing holding them together.

See page 7A - 29 - bottom diagram !

Place the Reverse Idler Gear over the Hole next to the Input Shaft making sure the
Reverse Gear Shift Lever Pin is riding in the Gear Slot and insert the Reverse Gear Shaft.

Remember - there is a plastic Washer where shown in the photo.
Make the line on the top of the Reverse Gear Shaft point toward the small arrowhead in the case.
This allows for the screw to come thru the Left case when you assemble it all.

The next page of the Rebuild Manual (7A - 33) starts with Sealing the two halves of the case together !


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