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Re: 94 Metro 5 Speed Manual Transmission Rebuild - PART 2 - Assembly

I got out my "Rope of Countershaft Components" and took a picture to show how I've been
keeping track of parts that are starting to all look the same to me....

I wiped off the 1st Gear Needle Bearings, wiped off the shaft, put a couple of drops of
Motor Oil on both and placed the Needle Bearings over the shaft - then put the 1st Gear in place.

The 1st Gear Synchronizer Ring was slipped onto the cone on the 1st Gear and then
the Hub & Sleeve Assembly was placed on the splines - then turned until they lined up.

Used my Gear and Bearing Puller again to push the Assembly down onto the Shaft -
it went on fairly easily without any problems.

Dropped the Circlip onto the Shaft and took this photo....

Installed the Circlip into it's slot, then placed the 2nd Gear Needle Bearings onto
the Shaft as above (essentially a repeat of above).

Then the 2nd Gear Synchronizer was placed over the Hub & Sleeve assembly with
the slots lined up with the keys and the tapered inner portion up..

Slid on the 2nd Gear (tapered part toward Synchronizer) and oiled the Bearing some more. Rotates freely.

I applied some oil to the splines and sat the 3rd Gear on the splines with the protruding flange upward
as per the picture in the background of the photo (This Photo Helps a lot!)

Now I have to drive the 3rd Gear down. Will use my "Special Conduit Tool" and will support the
R Bearing Cone with the 1.25 inch washer used before.

You have to hold the Shaft on a Vice or Anvil of some sort and pound rather hard on
the 3rd Gear -
all the while making sure the R-bearing Cone is free to rotate with the WASHER
in the end of the Shaft !

If you damage that R Bearing Cone "Retainer Cage", you will be S.O.L. !

My workbench was vibrating, crap rolling off, ears ringing....Lord!

I put some oil down between the 3rd Gear flange and the Shaft into the Splines and it seemed
to make the 3rd Gear go down a tad easier - maybe it was just wishful thinking...(?)

After BEATING the crap out of the Conduit (deforming), there is about 1/2 Inch to go.

It won't go any further - maybe that's why the Manual (7A - 27) says to use
the "Special Tool" - and a press...crap !

In desperation, I decided to use the Bearing and Seal Puller plus the hammer.

Ran into a Baaaad problem - the Hub & Sleeve Assembly went too far one way
and almost came apart while I was pounding this bugger !

I put pieces of Foam Rubber between the 3rd and 2nd Gears to keep the 2nd Gear in place
so that the Hub & Sleeve Assembly couldn't flip back and forth...

I would heartily advise to keep that 2nd Gear in place. If the Hub - Sleeve comes apart,
you'd have to take the 3rd Gear off again to get at it! A bastard....

Edited in - It is Saturday (Next Morning) - I finally got 3rd Gear within about 0.5 mm of 2nd Gear
by BOTH pressing the Gear to the point where the Gear & Bearing Puller was
bending AND bashing the Gear with my Hammer and Conduit Tool....

I missed a couple of times and bashed my hand holding the Conduit...I guess it's worth it... least I didn't bash and break my $5 Japanese WalMart watch -
That's's not did that happen....?

BTW - a lot of really foul cursing does seem to help !

Crvett69 and several others have suggested placing the Shaft in the Freezer and
heating the splined Gear in the oven to 150 and then driving them together.

Considering how my now swollen hand feels, I just put the Countershaft in our Freezer and,
since we are making Pizza, the 4th Gear will be heated after the Pizza is done.

The Heating - Cooling idea - don't know if it made a difference - I have no "Control Experiment" to judge by.

The 4th Gear started going on with a hammer and 1 inch dia Steel Pipe (2.25 inches long) but got difficult quickly.

So I went back to my Gear and Bearing Puller to push it back on. That worked. (no picture)

I drove the L Bearing Cone (32004) on using the 1 inch Dia pipe and the hammer.
Went on fine - no worries....

The Picture shows the L Bearing (32004) with its End Race covering it for protection.

Finally - here are the Hideously Expensive "Special Tools" I had to get to assemble
the Countershaft. Plus some liniment for my swollen left hand....

So...done with the shafts for now.

Comes the reassembly of the shafts into the case....Oh Boy....


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