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94 Metro 5 Speed Manual Transmission Rebuild - PART 2 - Assembly

This Thread is the second part of "94 Metro 5 Speed Manual Transmission Rebuild" in which I will assemble,
properly, I hope, the 5 speed Manual transmission that I purchased at a Pull & Save for $55 and disassembled.

Here is the link to the first part - it is long and packed with pictures of the disassembly process.
94 Metro 5 Speed Manual Transmission Rebuild - Part 1 - Disassembly

Like the first part, I am keeping this thread closed to prevent it from filling up with
a gozillion comments - it is long enough !
I'll open it up when done with the assembly.

Once again....

"Dear Lord...Please - don't let me screw this up !"

This is the first time I have ever done this...

Therefore, if, in the course of assembling the transmission, you see me messing up - doing something wrong,
please Private Message me and I will correct whatever I screwed up.

The Manual says to grease the Gear Shifter Oil Seal and drive it in using a Seal Driver.
This took quite a bit of force and the seal did not seat all the way into the Case end.
I decided to go only as far in as the old Oil seal was in...played it safe.

I purchased a Bearing & Seal Driver Kit, but you could use a piece of hard wood and a hammer...I am sure.

You can see that I drove the New Seal in only as far as the old Seal had been in.

Here is the Gear Shifter Oil Seal with the Boot placed back on it.

Someone had asked if there was an "O-Ring" in there - No, no O-Ring !


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