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How do I post images here?

You will need to upload your pictures to a photo-hosting service that will allow remote linking. (AutomotiveForums used to offer it's own hosting service, but it has been unreliable/unusable for many months now.) There are several excellent free hosting services such a Photobucket or Fotki that work well for posting pics on AF.

This is what an image address looks like:

It is a web address with an image format suffix. Copy and paste this address into your browser address bar (or click this link), and you will see the image. This image is hosted on, as it says in the address.

AF uses IMG code to display images in posts. The address for your image should be pasted in your post in between [IMG] blocks.

It will look like this:

Remove the *'s, and it looks like this:

You can type in the [IMG] blocks by hand, or you can use the Insert Image button to place them for you. Some hosting services (such as Photobucket) offer IMG coded image addresses with the [IMG] blocks already written in. In that case you can simply copy and paste the address- it is not necessary to add an additional set of [IMG] blocks with the Insert Image button.

How to Post Pictures Using the AF Photo Gallery - by GTmike400

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