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Re: my 12 to 13 inch steel wheel upgrade project PICS

Well the tires came in from They were on backorder.

These are the Kumho Solus k21 in 175/70-13 I went with this size to give me a little more tire width. My family has this thing about scraping the curb....


The tires are the highest rated in their class. I mostly wanted an all season tire with good winter ratings. The 12 inch kumho powerstars on my metro now are really bad when it gets cold on the ice and snow.

One thing that I notice with the tires mounted is that they are heavy. This will eat into my mileage around town somewhat. The speedo will be about 4% off, so I need to take my miles driven and add 4% when figuring out MPG

The trim rings are on order, I will post before and after pics of the metro soon.
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