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Re: my 12 to 13 inch steel wheel upgrade project PICS

The "bulge" nuts came in. They were on backorder, so if you are thinking of using them you should order them in advance.

Once again, these are the lug nuts that allow you to put rims on your geo that normally fit the bigger studs (such as going from 12 to 13 inch rims). The nuts are 10x1.25 so they fit the smaller studs on the earlier 12 inch rim geos. The nuts are "bulge" to fit the wider hole on the 13 inch or aftermarket rims.

Here is the bulge nut next to a standard 12 inch wheel geo lug nut

Here are the bluge nuts held up against the larger hole on the 13 inch rims

Tires are on back order too. I am going with the highly rated kumho solus-21 175/70-13 These are for daily driving and not performance.
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