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Re: my 12 to 13 inch steel wheel upgrade project PICS

Ok, I was able to get some more done today.

I ended up buying all duplicolor wheels coatings. Self etching primer, flat black wheel paint, and clear wheel coating.

Using spray cans is not as easy as you would think. I had issues with the paint occasionally spray a large "glob" of paint. It took some partice to get it right.

I found that that a 2X4 worked nicely to keep the rim off the ground. I could roll the rims on the 2x4 to paint rather than flip the rim over and over again flat on the ground. Also by having the rims upright, any dripping pain from the can drip would go on the ground rather than the rim. I had to also paint the tire bead area, cause that area was sandblated too.

Here are the rims with several coats of primer.

Here are the rims with several coats of flat black wheel paint.

Here are the rims with several coats of clear.

I had to do the primer, paint and clear coat on the same day. The instruction on the can don't want you waiting more than 1 hour between coatings. If you do, they say to wait 7 days for the paint to totally cure before recoating.
They said the clear would "wrinkle" if you waited more than 1 hour to recoat.

I then polished the center caps with stainless/crome pollishing compound.

Here is what the Mitsubishi Marage rimls look like with the center cap laying on the rim.

I ended up using 2 cans of primer, 3 cans of black paint and 1 can of clear.
It became breezy and I used more paint than I should have.

Total cost of paint was $40

Total cost of project thus far is $150. Its ending up being more than I wanted to spend. I am almost at the point where aluminum rims would have been easier.

I think I will keep the caps crome. The lugs will be crome, and I am thinking of 13 inch crome trim rings. I will have to see how the the rims look with tires on them.

What do you guys think?

1. All black wheels with black center caps and crome lugs?
2. Black wheels with crome center cap, crome lugs and crome trim rings?

More to come...
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