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my 12 to 13 inch steel wheel upgrade project PICS

As most of you know, 12 inch tires are becoming very hard to find. My 93 metro will need a new set soon. The current ones are dry rotting after only 15,000 miles. I chose to upgrade to the 13 inch steel. I will have a better choice of tires and hopefully better ride.

So, I went to the junk yard and couldn't find any newer metro rims. So i checked the list of what fits. I found a late 80's early 90's front wheel drive Mitsubishi Mirage with 13 inch rims 4.5 inch (114.3mm) bolt pattern and neat center caps, so I bought them. They weren't to rusty.

Price of the rims was $15 each. $60 total

Next step was to have a tire shop remove the old tires. $10 total

Next step was to clean them up before painting. I searched and found several methods of paint stripping and sanding etc.. also sand blasting.
I called a local shop and they said to bring them in. So to save my time in prep work I had them blasted.

All I can say is that they look awesome!

Blasting cost $10 each (includes front back and tire bead) $40 total.

My total costs thus far is $110 for the 4 rims.

I will post more pics as I do the finishing work. I have the 10x1.25 bulge
lug nuts on order. I plan to use duplicor or VHT spray can wheel paint in black with a clear on top.I have heard really good things about these brands. I am not sure if I will paint the center caps or not. They look nice in their pollished crome finish now and will match the crome lug nuts. But I may paint them black to match the rims. What would you do?

More to come this week.

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