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Re: If I use 1 1/2" shackles, will I actually GET

Well, after 10+yrs, think I FINALLY have my Rodeo where I want it!

Got the new shackles & bushings on today, I swear I got more then a 1 1/2", in fact, there's no way it's only 1 1/2" lift - Rodeo sits quite a bit higher then the Tacoma does now.

AND - if the shackles were only supposed to give me 1 1/2" over stock, then why did I have to crank the front 2", with the back still sitting slightly higher?

I didn't plan to dwarf my Toy! But, there's clearly quite a difference in height.

Funny thing, I've read on numerous posts, those that state their truck rides a bit rougher - I feel quite the obvious; however, the old bushings were WAY past over-due. Truck actually rides a lot smoother, and I don't feel every bump/pothole as wickedly.

FWIW - the shackle near the exhaust was the worst, AND, word of wise, if someone has a heavy duty receiver hitch - probably easiest to remove it first.
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