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Re: If I use 1 1/2" shackles, will I actually GET

ssshh! opcorn:

Thinking the same thing earlier - though, I'm amazed that when I pull up beside a stock Rodeo how much lower it sits in comparison, newer or older one. But most are not running 32" tires either.

I already dwarf Jeep Cherokee's, Ford Explorer's

I really like the height of the front-end now, I already raised it yesterday - drive's a little different though, my guess is because the front is sitting higher then the rear now and so the angle of everything is off-kilter. Least that's what I hope it is, otherwise it may be the front shocks that get replaced.

I should have my hands on the shackles in 4-6 days.

Do I ABSOLUTELY need new bushings?? And, can the alignment wait a week or two, I wouldn't be driving it daily, only maybe a total of 4 times in 2 weeks?
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