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No offense man, but I don't think comparing software development and suspension design testing methodologies is really that valid.

I do however see your point, but it seems you're deliberately avoiding the point that I am trying to make, which is simply that, judging from the performance of Nissan Mike's truck at ECXC, he would have bent several tie-rods in attempting to make it up the hill like I did. The fact I didn't is reassuring, and assuages our largest fear of the AC (or any) lift kit. The other factors left to test are ones that will take months or years to verify (CV joint life, torsion bar sag, etc.), and are not as easily born out in a semi-controlled test situation like we had. I was deliberately hard on my truck all weekend in an attempt to find (and break) the weakest link...and I didn't find it, which at least confirms that the tie-rod issue faced by Nissan Mike was unique to something (presumably his wheels) on his truck.

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