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Re: DIY transmission fix

Originally Posted by merc81
Ok, but what is a pcs? I've got the helm's books but not here at the office. As I recall, there are about 6 or 7 various valves in there and I'm not registering in my mind one called a pcs valve; I'll have a read again tonight.

Thanks for the tip on gmpartsdirect. I located a transmission parts house ( that shows the tcc valve, but I had no way to determine the gm part number for it so couldn't order from gmparstdirect.
Is there another source to find part numbers? Helms manual doesn't seem to call out very many part numbers at all. It be nice to match up the item in the manual to a gm part number somehow.
PCS = pressure control solenoid. It is the part that control the line pressure in the transmission. The original equipment design from Delphi has a soft steel armature rubbing against a hardened steel bearing, so the armature gets a groove worn in it quite quickly. The groove catches on the bearing and keeps the part from regulating pressure correctly.

There is a link from the gmpartsdirect website that goes to a separate catalog site... this site has exploded views of systems and will allow you to find part numbers.
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