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Originally posted by Schludwiller
Last I heard "real" beadlocks are illegal on public roads. Are you planning on changing wheels at the trail, or trailering your Xterra there? Xterras aren't hardcore offroad rigs anyway. I mean do whatever you want, but the conditions Xterras find themselves in really don't justify the need. Suspension upgrades will give you better results after tires.
Who says "Xterras aren't hardcore" mine is well on the way. Its not a home made buggy but its nearly as capable as a good Jeep. I keep my mudders on a seperate set of rims. I only change them out when I go on Xcurssions. Normaly I ride on a nice set of crome rims and BFG 31" ats (they are CRAP for offroad). My second set of wheels are Maxis Mudders (cheaper and better offroad!) and they ride on a set of Junkyard rims. I want the beedlock because I need it. I need it because I have already popped my beed twice while rock crawling. Im not off the handle but I take my Xterra whereever it will let me. I could increase my tire pressure and possibly avoid this but I would rather run the locks.

p.s. I was unaware they where illegal. I see them occasionaly on the road but I will obviously avoid that.
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