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90 suburban ecm b fuse keeps blowing

03-23-2010, 02:41 PM
my gmc suburban keeps blowing the ecm b fuse as soon as i plug it in. the truck worked fine this am. i started it and turned it off, started again and drove to store. started again and drove to another store. came out and it would not start. i checked the ecm 1 fuse as i have had some problems with it due to a pressure gauge wire but that fuse was good. i inadvertently pulled the ecm b fuse and found it blown. when i replaced it popped as soon as i pushed it in.i have not had this problem in the past i started checking wires,under air filter and at fuse box and battery. each time trying a new fuse.with the same results any idea were i could start and maybe a temporary solution so i dont have to pay to have the car towed home. i have read another post with a similar problem that only occurred when car was warm hopefully i can drive it home and diagnose from here any help would be appreciated

03-28-2010, 11:54 PM
I had a similar problem. I believe mine was caused by a bare wire going to one of my fuel injectors. I taped it up with electrical tape and it s been fine ever since.
I would say you have a short somewhere. Good luck trying to find it.

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