Help! Wiring Problem

04-16-2003, 06:32 AM
Ok Well my speedo stopped working so i ordered a new VSS thinking mine was blown. Well my luck it wasn't and im still getting a VSS code 17
i see the vss is 3 wires that plug in, 2 go to jumpers or something while the 3rd goes throughout the wiring harness to this Brown plug above the ECU, then i guess it goes from there to the ECU and to the speedo.

Anyone know the color wires/locations on the harness it goes to on the ECU and on the Speedo. I have to take my car for inspection tomorrow so tonight i have to rewire it.

VSS Wire from it to that brown plug is Blue/White. Thats about as much as i know.

thanks in advance.

car is a 6th gen dx civic coupe

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