Sticking Horn

03-14-2010, 10:40 AM
I guess since I'm caught up with all the hard stuff on my Rodeo, I'll try and tackle my sticking horn issue. I went to the horn itself and found that the previous owner had disconnected it. I wondered why? I thought, cool, I'll hook it up. Easy fix! I plugged the horn up and gave the steering wheel a push. It blew all right. It just wouldn't stop! I scrambled out and unplugged the horn again. I disconnected the battery to disable the airbags (couldn't get the yellow cover off the fuse) & took apart the steering column to disconnect the airbag module.It wasn't in the column. It looks like the airbag module in my 98 is directly in the steering wheel face. From reading other posts on the issue, it seems like either the button is bad or more likely the foam that holds the steering face off the button is worn down. I didn't see any way that the face pops off. My Haynes manual (like usual) doesn't really help. Can anyone share any more details of how to get in there? Is the horn button part of the air bag module? If so, I'll wire another button. I'm not buying another airbag module to fix my horn.

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