1990 Isuzu pickup whistling

03-14-2010, 09:15 AM
Hi all-ok last winter was having trouble starting it. Took off the fuel filter and replaced it. It was about four times heavier than the new one. Could not even blow through it. Wonder how this truck ran, after it started, good without getting virtually no fuel. Was wondering why it would cut out at highway speeds while pulling my boat last summer. Now it starts like a champ, even when it is cold. Ok, so then put on a new radiator cap and the temp gauge starts out a little high and then settles into the just above cold line. It blows hot heat. Not sure if I have a stuck thermostat and need to replace it. Ok , now there is a small canister on the front right side of the engine compartment. One wire goes to the alternator and a hose goes to a bar that goes across the engine. It blows warm air and sputters once in awhile when running. I have never noticed this tank being noisy before. Can anyone tell me what this is and what it does? And should I change the thermostat?

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