Transmission almost killed me.

03-09-2010, 09:44 PM
I had a pretty scary moment w/ my 300c. I drove onto the freeway (4 lane's each way) in Chicago. When I was going down the ramp, I started to merge. I had to punch the throttle to get ahead of a car. Right when I punched the throttle, the transmission started to slip. After about 2 seconds, the car wasn't moving. It was in drive, but I was revving the engine like it was in neutral. I then hear a ding. I looked down on my dashboard and saw the engine light turn on. I was pretty much a sitting duck, because I was in the middle lane, and cars were zipping past me on both sides, and there was basically no curb on the freeway. My car was just coasting, so I put it into neutral, and then a few seconds later, I put it into drive. I hit the accelorator, and the transmission was still slipping, but then finally caught and I was able to drive. I thought I was going to get into an accident for sure, because I had no power in the center lane in busy (fast) traffic on the freeway in Chicago, and there was no curb to go to.

I took it to the dealer (pretty pissed off since they just looked at the transmission last week). They looked at it again, and saw that the gear shift ratio was off, and then they found a leak in the transmission. They said that the transmission fluid was basically empty (seems like they should have caught that last week). Anyways, at least they caught the problem and fixed it. However, I'm a little scared to drive it, because I lost power at the worst possible time. Has anyone else had problems like that? Seems as bad as Toyota's throttle sticking. They need to do something to correct it. I think I'm going to get rid of the car.

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