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New Rear Wiper Motor is not working!!

03-06-2010, 10:08 AM
I replaced the the Rear wiper motor in my 2000 Jimmy with a new one an its not working either.
The Dashboard switch does turn on the water pump. But the new rear wiper motor is showing no signs of life in the low or high switch position. How can I verify that there is not an Electrical problem. With the Wiring or Switch.
The 15 amp fuse for the rear wiper is fine. When the fuse is removed the Wiper pump also no longer works.

03-06-2010, 11:53 AM
Check for power at the plug for wiper motor, or you could pull the motor off to see if it turns,could be the wiper assembly seized up

03-06-2010, 12:00 PM
Has I noted I have already installed a new motor. I checked for power at the plug to the motor. I was getting 14.4 Volts on one of the slots but I don't know just what I'm looking for. there are 4 slots on the plug.

03-06-2010, 01:05 PM
pull back the rubber boot where the wires go from the body to the hatch , if the wires look good then it might be in the switch , the four wires . one ground ,one main power, one for low and one for high

03-06-2010, 03:11 PM
How should I check the four wires using a multimeter. I was seeing 14.4 volts from one of the wires. what should I see when changing the switch position to either Low or the High setting. Should I see changes in the voltage with the other wire slots.

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