Brake Pads

02-28-2010, 10:59 PM
So there is no forum on brakes, so this forum seemed to make the most sense.

1) Should I replace my brake pads at a set interval (e.g. every 2 years or x miles) or should I wait until I hear them making the high pitched squeeling sound? (Or some combo of both?)

2) I currently have Duralast Gold brake pads (which I understand are relatively low quality) with a lifetime warranty. Should I spring for better quality brake pads, or just continue getting my free Duralast Gold pads since they will be free? (And if so, should I replace them more often than I otherwise would with higher quality pads?)

3) Are there are good quality brake pads that come with a lifetime warranty?

Thank you!

02-28-2010, 11:50 PM
If someone offered you a lifetime free replacement and you have the time to get them done, I'd keep with that. Free is free, as long as the brake pads they're using stop you as well as you'd like.

As far as when to change the pads, you may want to consider going by mileage rather than a time interval, since miles equate to wear. You could always base the interval on how long you had the last pair (assuming the type of driving you did was similar), and change them a few thousand miles before that.

One thing on the warranty -- they probably won't replace your pads until they start squealing, so doing it early may be out, unless you do it yourself.

I don't know any details about the different quality pads that are used in warranty programs, I always do my own brake pad work.

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