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02-27-2010, 10:23 AM
I recently purchased a 04 Mitsu GT-S 3dr coupe with 54K on the motor. I love this car, it runs and looks new with clean title. Paid cash for it at Peddy's Automotive in Sacramento. I'm new here so I'll explain why I went with the Eclipse. Back in 1999 I fell in love with Celica styling. The commercial with the F-18 wasn't bad either, but no one here may remember it. Anyway I went and purchased a carbon blue GT-S. I didn't put any big heavy useless rice wings, or half done crappy looking body kits on my car. Oh no! All I did was put a 3/4" drop from Eibach, 18" Konig Tantrums with Yokohama Perrada skins, indiglo gauges, and TRD exhaust. The fastest I ever took this car to was 133mph indicating 136 on the speedo. It still wanted to excellerate. Car was garaged and cleaner than the day I bought it when I had to sell it. I still miss the Celi! Owned it for 3 yrs and never had one problem except Roseville Toyota leaving my oil cap off, scratching my front bumper that they wouldn't confess to!

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