1993 V63.2 weird electrical issue

02-25-2010, 07:15 PM
I was driving home tonight in the snow when a strange electrical issue happened. The blower motor, which was running on high / no AC, shut off; several instrument panel lights came on: O2 sensor, e-brake, battery, and low fuel; and the battery gauge dropped to 8V.

The instrument panel lights that came on are the ones that typically stay on after the car is turned to the on position but not started.

In this case, the car was running and continued to run fine. It did not stall but the blower motor remained off and the few panel lights stayed. When I got home, I turned off and restarted the car three times, and these symptoms remained. I cannot get the blower fan to run with the car running or not running or on any fan setting. Until this happened tonight, the battery gauge has been fairly steady at 12V (on cold mornings the gauge wiggles a little bit just under 12V but it starts on first try).

Thanks for any suggestions on this issue.

1993 Rodeo S V63.2L 198,000miles

03-11-2010, 09:53 AM
I'll take a quick stab at this one since you haven't had any replies. My problem occured over time, with the voltmeter showing less and less charge and finally discharge. Truck would start fine but with everything off, it would still discharge. Solution was a new alternator.

From the FAQ's about electrical problems: Couple of steps. 1. Clean the battery posts 2. clean the ground points to the body 3. Check The Ground At The Alternator Bracket 4. Have the battery load tested. 5. have the alt checked out.

Since yours happened suddenly and in the snow, I'd guess it's a ground problem. Good luck!

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