1989 Jag Xj6 Starting problem

02-23-2010, 12:15 AM
Car has 87,000 miles, was starting and running perfect. Car started taking longer to start once or twice. Starting checking fire and fuel. Fire to ignition amp., coil putting out 7.38 on meter but had short plus bad coil wire. So I replaced new ignition amp., coil, coil wire, crank position relay, plugs, cap and rotor button. Now got fire out of plugs. Checked MAF meter and cleaned. Changed fuel filter. Checked fuel out of fuel line (good) Checked fuel out of fuel regulator (good). Car started perfect 3 or 4 times then stopped. Car will start, run and idol perfect with a squirt of starting fluid but not on it's own. Idiot light shows check eng and anti lock, have not pulled up codes yet. Can anyone please tell me if you had the same and what might be left? Laid off and not able to pay out 70.00 hr to put on computer. Could it be in one or all injectors? how can I tell? When it starts it run with no miss and will hit 120 smooth as silk. bobbysanti@bellsouth.net

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