Getting a new vehic. Need some input.

02-19-2010, 07:39 PM

I'm upgrading my car in the next month or so.

I'm swapping from an 07 Cobalt, for a couple of reasons not to be bothered with here.

I'm looking in to getting something a bit bigger. When got my Cobalt I didn't need it for anything but city driving. Since then however, I'm doing a lot more sports and camping.

I'm looking in to getting a small SUV that I can fit all my snowboarding gear and kiteboarding gear at the same time, as well as a tent and bags to go roadtripping with.
For non-sporting trips I'd love to have the back seats totally foldable so my wife and I can sleep in the back with a foamy.

That's pretty much the jist of what I need. I don't really know a whole lot about cars. I'm looking in to a Rav4 or a Subaru.

If anyone could toss me a list or some ideas that I can look in to, that would be sweet.

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